The Lions Club/VOCM Cares Super Radio Bingo

Radio Bingo will return on Saturday, January 20th, 2024


Welcome to another season of the Lions Club VOCM Cares Radio Bingo! We play every Saturday (from September to April), live on VOCM at 6pm or 5:30 pm on Big Land Labrador.
Please note, cards are $4 each with four games to play. Radio Bingo is a win win! Make it a Saturday night, game night tradition. You could win big money, and contribute to charity, strengthening communities in Newfoundland and Labrador. If you wish to order bingo cards call us at 709-570-1197 or email us at
Purchase your cards at retailers throughout the province. See below for the retailer list and bingo rules. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook @VOCMCaresBingo for updates and more!

Radio Bingo Retailers


Radio Bingo Rules: 

Radio bingo is played in two sessions that run for 14 weeks each. Lottery License #: 23-10155200LB

We play four (4) games of Bingo each week

  • Game One: Less than a full card game. Eg: Four Corners, Straight Line, etc.: Prize is $500
  • Game Two: Less than a full card: Prize is $1,000
  • Game Three: Full Card Game: Prize $1,500
  • Game Four: Escalating Jackpot Game:
  1. Jackpot is awarded for a full card in 52 numbers or less;
  2. Winner must call 1-877-333-IWIN (4946) before the 53rd number is called to stop the game and claim the escalating jackpot prize;
  3. First caller with a good bingo will stop the game;
  4. If there is more than one winner the prize is divided equally;
  5. Maximum Jackpot is approximately $7,500 or more;
  6. Prize increases each week if it is not claimed;
  7. Consolation prize is awarded if the escalating jackpot is not claimed

*Important to note: Number 3 and 4 listed above apply to all four (4) games.

Disclaimer: To receive a live signal, players must tune into and play games using the radio broadcast signal from their radio. Listening from another medium including online streaming platforms, radio streaming apps or from a Television/cable provider may result in signal delays. Lions Club VOCM Cares Radio bingo is not responsible for issues resulting from these delays.

*All winners must present their winning bingo card as proof of winnings, as per lottery license requirements. All cards must be verified by end of day Wednesday following each game.


Once verified, winning cards can be dropped off to VOCM Cares Foundation, located at 391 Kenmount Rd. or mailed via REGISTERED MAIL to:

Lions Club/VOCM Cares Radio Bingo. PO Box 8590, St. John’s, NL, A1B 3P5

Send any questions or comments to

Lottery License: 23-10155200LB

Radio Bingo - Check Your Numbers!

Forgot to play Radio Bingo? Need to check your cards to see if you're a winner? Submit your numbers (found in the FREE SPACE for each game) to verify your cards. A bingo representative will respond within 24-48 hours of your submission. *Form Submissions must be made by noon, the Thursday following the broadcasted game.
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